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Brief History of the Plainville Rescue Squad

For complete history check out the 50 year page

The Plainville Rescue Unit was formed in 1958 by U.S. Navy veteran Don Wise who was killed in a truck accident in 1963.
Since its formation in1958 it has been responsible for the recovery of 42 drowning victims.
Neil Fischer, a member since 1961 was appointed director in 1965 and still serves in that position.
We have made recoveries in the following counties and lakes: Phillips, Graham, Smith, Ellis, Sherman,Scott, Cedar Bluff, Wilson, Kirwin, Lovewell, Waconda(Glen Elder), Sebelius and Kanapolis Reservoir;
We also have helped in recoveries in Harlan and McConaughy Reservoirs in Nebraska.
We also have contracts with several counties for our services.
The City of Plainville financed the operation of the unit until 1978.
In 1978 the Unit became known as the Plainville Rescue Squad, Inc.
The members incorporated it into a nonprofit corporation.
We are responsible for all the finances of the operation.
Our main source of monies since 1978 has been the annual Demolition Derby at the Rooks County Fair.

For Service or More Information Call:

Rooks County Sheriff Office: 785-425-6312
Neil Fischer, Pres.: 785-434-2639 or Cell 785-737-3212
Adam Comeau, Vice Pres.: 785-656-3782

Contact us by email